Marketing Affiliate's Products and Services

Affiliate marketing is where you make money by promoting other products or services on behalf of other companies.  They then pay your a commission.

The challenges for Affiliate Marketing is very similar to that faced when marketing your own products.  But added to that is the guidelines set by the company.

You need to make sure that:

  • all your links are using the correct format as you will only earn commission if it is recorded correctly,
  • you sign up to  a reliable affiliate network,
  • you are following the guidelines as specified by the company.

The following are the key steps that will help you successfully market products or services on behalf of other companies:

Step 1: Identify the Company you would like to do affiliate marketing for

Identify your ideal customer

Join the affiliate network that represents them

The first step is to decide which products or services your would like to market.  One of the secrets to success is to find a product or service that:

  • You have really good knowledge about
  • You would use yourself
  • You know other people would also use

One of the easiest way to find a product – is by going to Amazon (which by the way could be the company you do affiliate marketing with).

As an example – I have tried to find the  Top selling Skechers (if you click on my affiliate link, you will see that I sorted by Shoes, Brand and then Average Customer Reviews).

Choose the Affiliate Network that is most relevant to your products.  Remember when you do affiliate marketing, it is important to not just include links, but to describe the products or services in your own words.  There is a lot of people earning money online by concentrating on becoming the “expert reviewers” of a few products.

It is also important that you find an Affiliate Network you would really like to work with.  I have listed some of my favourites on the Case Studies page.

Step 2: Create your Website

Get visitors to click the affiliate links

Get visitors to click the affiliate links

Your website is at the centre of all your marketing efforts.

You want visitors to click on the links and buy from the companies, so that you can earn commission. To convince them to do that it is important that your website;

  • have a descriptive and easy to remember domain ex.
  • design is easy to use and looks professional
  • describe the products and services you are marketing
  • have links to your social media channels
  • have an easy way to contact you if you visitor have any questions
  • provide 80% information / reviews and only do 20% selling
Domain Cost Club

You are going to need multiple addresses for your online business:

  • one for the main website
  • and several for landing pages (a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.)

Domain Cost Club makes it possible to buy, renew and transfer domains at cost price.


Step 3: Effective Social Media Marketing

Your address and conversion tool

Social Media signposts to your website

There is a lot more than 200 social media sites, of which at least 18 have more than a 100 million users each.

Marketing products and services on each of these sites, is just an impossible task.  So it is important to follow the guidelines:

  • Looking at your potential buyers – which social media sites would they use?
  • Do you market visually appealing products? Consider Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Is there a lot of changes in the products you are marketing?  Remember to look at Twitter.
  • Are you marketing professional services to other Businesses? Then you must have a profile on LinkedIn.
  • And since there is more than 2 billion people on Facebook, it makes sense to use it too.



Remember Social Media sites will not allow you to just post affiliate links.  So it important to follow the path:

MOB Affiliate networking path


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