Would you like to see the websites in action before buying:

Here is some examples:

Home of the Hobbits Shop – I have created the shop with some products that I am selling on Ebay, the shipping is included in the product price, and since I have just discovered the Hobbiton Movie Set website, I have included some information about them too. (This is a seperate website, since I can not have two Woocommerce shops on the same domain)

Affiliate Marketing Example – This is just a typical layout and I have included real posts, but with fake information.  As part of your package, you will be getting seperate “Favourite Shop” pages.  As soon as I have created a new affiliate marketing website, I will replace this example.

Remember – you can have as many posts or products as you want, but only 3, 6 or 9 will be displayed on the first page.

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